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Natural stone has a richness of texture and colour that adds a sense of timeless elegance to any indoor or outdoor living space. Guaranteeing durability and versatility, natural stone products can be used to create an integrated look of enduring style.
If you seek the appealing, three-dimensional look of stacked stone, look no further than UKSTONE Stackstone Panels, a natural stone cladding system which is ideal for feature walls, pool surrounds, courtyards and entertainment areas.
Handmade from select pieces of cut natural stone, each panel is unique in colour and design. And as they come in modular form, they are quick and easy to install on most structurally sound surfaces.
With their clean, simple and aesthetically pleasing lines, UKSTONE Stackstone Panels can transform a plain, uninspiring wall into a stunning feature wall, providing the simple yet defined geometry of a traditional stacked stone wall.